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Whimsical Chef Serving Up a Feast, one of set of four posters featuring the whimsical chef. This one features the chef and his magical juggling act, keeping all the courses of a feast fit for a king in the air simultaneously, all while balanced on an old style bicycle with the large wheel on the front. Leaning back, the chef has his left foot on the pedal, and his right foot balancing a ceramic coffee pot. Circling in the air are: a bunch of carrots with red and green peppers; a baked ham studded with pineapple; a banana and an apple; a two layer frosted chocolate cake; a rainbow trout; purple cabbage; radishes and celery; a loaf of french bread; a live white chicken, squash and artichokes; a bottle of red wine dripping into a half full wine glass; and a frosted cupcake. The chef holds a pear and an apple in his hands, his pocket holds a pink frosted cupcake with a bite out of it. A small white bowl at the base of the bicycle holds plump red tomatoes. This tasty painting is available for purchase as an original oil or acrylic on canvas painting by the artist Janet Kruskamp.
Whimsical Chef Serving Up a Feast

Original Oil on Canvas
24"x12"   $425

Plus Shipping & Handling

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Original oils & acrylics, if not framed, are also stretched on wooden "stretcher bars" ready for framing.  See all information under each painting.
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