Royal Cheetah, an oil painting depicting a collared cheetah stretched out languidly on a marble floor with a bowl of fruit in front, one of Janet Kruskamp's original paintings,  by artist Janet Kruskamp

Lascaux Cave Revisited, an original oil and mixed media on canvas by artist Janet Kruskamp. A pair of zebras stand at the edge of a cave pool, the rock wall behind them echo the fluid equine form in cave paintings replicated from the Lascaux Cave in southwest France. Stalagmites on the edges of the crystal blue pool stick up from the rock ground as one zebra stands guard while the other drinks. The horse paintings are the foremost example of neolithic equine art, reflecting an intimate knowledge of the natural world by early humans over one hundred and seventy centuries ago.
Lascaux Cave Revisited
Oil, Mixed Media on Canvas  30" x 40"
$2500 Framed

Cave paintings in background are replicated from Lascaux Cave, SW France.
Painted 17,300 years ago by early humans.

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Original oils & acrylics, if not framed, are also stretched on wooden "stretcher bars" ready for framing.  See all information under each painting.
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Shipping and handling billed separately after receipt of order, and will vary depending on painting size and destination.

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