Janet Kruskamp's Original Oil Paintings, by Janet Kruskamp. Your favorite images are available to match any color scheme or decor . If you love Janet Kruskamp's wonderful posters and prints, you will be amazed at the reasonable price for an original oil or acrylic on canvas painting by Janet Kruskamp. Your favorite Janet Kruskamp painting of posters, flowers, gardens, cats, teddy bears, wines and martinis, or still lifes could be hanging on your wall at an affordable price.

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Order 12 image, 20 month calendars from: www.calendars.com or twojays.net

Save the Date! Open Studio will be held May 17th and 18th 2014
at Janet kruskamp's Studio/Gallery, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
 Please call (408) 374-1627 for information & directions.

Original oils & acrylics, if not framed, are also stretched on wooden "stretcher bars" ready for framing.  See all information under each painting.
Please email me for any questions.
Free Shipping in the USA for all orders of $500 or more

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